CTS CCT-3512, IN-BAND Mngd. GbE-Konv.-Modul für CCT-CHASSIS-II

Artikelnummer: CTS CCT-3512

IN-BAND Mngd. GbE-Konv.-Modul für CCT-CHASSIS-II

Kategorie: Ethernet


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Connection Technology Systems (CTS) CCT and PCT series media converter family is the ultimate solution to integrate fiber technology into a copper-based environment. With the benefits of fiber technology, the solution provides a cost effective way in optimizing the existing environment and enhancing the network connection.
The CCT-3512 series media converter modules and PCT-3512 series stand alone media converters allows user to connect ethernet twist-pair cables to various fiber interface, including multimode, singlemode, bi-directional WDM, or a SFP Slot for pluggable fiber transceivers with more fexibility and also resulting in extended connectivity distance.
When the PCT-3512 series media converter is deployed and connected to the CCT-3512 series module in the CCT-CHASSIS-II at the center side, the media converters at both sides can be easily managed, con figured and monitored from the center side, providing simple navigation of the fiber connectivity. This solution creates a single-IP-managed multiple media converter link chain, which eases the operating eff ort. In addition, the built-in 802.3ah OAM function facilitates trouble shooting and as a result reduces the maintenance costs for carriers or network owners.


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