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Connection Technology Systems (CTS) MCT-RACK-18-MGM, the compact media converter chassis, provides 18 slots for mixed installation of non-managed and managed MCT series media converters.
MCT-RACK-18-MGM provides network administrator with the ability to configure and monitor the in-rack managed media converter. If installing with non-managed media converter, the power source of in-rack converter could be simply turn on or off via the management of MCT-RACK-18-MGM. Moreover, if media converter module supports IEEE 802.3ah (OAM) standard, MCT-RACK-18-MGM can also configure and monitor the status of remote media converter.
Hot-swappable power module enhances MCT-RACK-18-MGM the flexibility of installation. Moreover, the feature of being equipped with two power modules into MCT-RACK-18-MGM has a redundancy that provides seamless power changeover when one of power module fails.
MCT-RACK-18-MGM offers SSHv2 and SNMPv3 security mechanism to protect users against anyone with malicious intent. SSHv2 and SNMPv3 encrypt the user password and relevant information to make it harder to be sniffed by other people.
The installation & operation procedures of MCT-RACK-18-MGM are simple & straight forward. The standard SNMP management and WEB-based management make MCT-RACK-18-MGM becomes the best choice of network administrator.


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