Zyxel LTE5366-M608

Artikelnummer: ZY LTE5366-M608-EU01V1F

Zyxel LTE5366-M608, 4G LTE-A Indoor Router, 4GbE LAN, 300Mbps LTE-A, Dual-band AC2100 MU-MIMO

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The Zyxel LTE5366-M608 4G LTE-A Indoor IAD provides users with mobile
broadband connectivity to take advantage of the latest carrier aggregation
technology compatible with LTE, DC-HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS and EDGE/GPRS/
GSM that allows users to connect with a variety of mobile broadband
services all over the world. You can enjoy Triple-Play services, watch IPTV and
listen to high-fidelity music and easily surf the Internet at home, in the office
or anywhere within LTE/3G coverage without wire limitation.
Lightning-fast Internet connectivity
The Zyxel LTE5366-M608 is a pioneering portable router with LTE category
6 compliance. The carrier aggregation technology delivers downlink data
rates of up to 300 Mbps — twice which of the category 4 and is better than
the fixed-line Ethernet — thanks to the modern technology, you can enjoy
lightning-fast Internet now.
AC2050 MU-MIMO dual-band wireless LAN
The Zyxel LTE5366-M608’s latest MU-MIMO 802.11ac
technology is perfect for busy environments: it doubles
WiFi performance of Single User MIMO (SU-MIMO) in
venues where concurrent wireless access activities are
Non-stop connectivity with LTE 2nd WAN for
Multi-WAN fail-over relieves the risk of network outage
caused by dependence on single-WAN technology. Even
better, LTE is wireless so you can get the second WAN
without an additional cabling plan. As long as the gateway
supports “multi-WAN fail-over”, you can just connect the
Zyxel LTE5366 to the existing gateway and set LTE as the
fail-over WAN.


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