Zyxel LTE7240-M403 Outdoor LTE Modem WLAN Router, IP56, WLAN, Cat4, unterstützt B1/3/5/7/8/20/38/40/41,WCDMA B1/5/8,GSM B3/8

Artikelnummer: ZY LTE7240-M403-EU01V1F

Zyxel LTE7240-M403 Outdoor LTE Modem WLAN Router, IP56, WLAN, Cat4, unterstützt B1/3/5/7/8/20/38/40/41,WCDMA B1/5/8,GSM B3/8

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LTE Outdoor Router
As mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets consume more wireless
broadband, the crowded bandwidths have become a big issue to operators.
Mobile broadband is a better solution than fixed-line broadband for its lower
investment and faster deployment. However, since fixed lines have been
the major broadband infrastructure in most places of the world for a long
time, people are already using fixed lines for broadband Internet connection
in most cases. Migrating from fixed lines to mobile broadband may need
extensive evaluation, however adding mobile broadband as a backup for
better performance or stability could be an easier decision.
The Zyxel LTE7240-M403 4G LTE Outdoor Router comes with what the critical
feature, “the second WAN”, needs – flexible routing mode with both bridge
and router functions, high-gain antenna for better signal and performance
as well as robust IP56 outdoor hardware designed for harsh environments.
No matter you have a router device or not, the LTE7240-M403 can be easily
deployed and integrated into your existing environment. You can set LTE as
your main connection or use LTE as a backup when performance of the main
connection drops. The LTE7240-M403 is good for any venue like suburban
areas, public locations, homes and offices. Enjoy LTE technology with
minimum effort with the LTE7240-M403.
Embedded bridge/router mode adapts to all
kinds of devices/gateways
For better network integration, Zyxel embeds both bridge
and router modes into the LTE7240-M403. While users
can take advantage of the built-in routing functions in all
typical applications, the bridge mode is designed to work
with users’ existing or preferred devices such as high-end
Wi-Fi Access Points, Small Business Gateways or Enterprise
Gateways. With the two built-in modes, the LTE7240-M403
can be easily integrated with all kinds of devices/gateways.
Built-In multi-band antenna
Zyxel’s LTE7240-M403 4G LTE Outdoor Router provides
multi-band embedded antennas of up to 7 dBi that work
effectively in outdoor environments. The outdoor-friendly
design makes it possible to work in near non-line-of-sight
conditions where desirable signal strength was difficult to
Software upgrades over-the-air
Through the LTE radio interface, the Zyxel LTE7240-M403
supports TR-069 has full over-the-air configuration and
software upgrade capability through events triggered by
the operators.
Non-stop connectivity with LTE 2nd WAN for
Multi-WAN fail-over relieves the risk of network outage
caused by dependence on single-WAN technology.
Even better, LTE is wireless so you can get the second
WAN without an additional cabling plan. As long as the
gateway supports “multi-WAN fail-over”, you can just
connect the Zyxel LTE7240-M403 to the existing gateway
and set LTE as the fail-over WAN.


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