Zyxel WAH7601 Portable LTE Router

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Zyxel WAH7601 Portable LTE Router

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4G LTE Portable Router
The Zyxel WAH7601 4G LTE Portable Router offers longer service time and better WiFi signal capacity in comparison with smartphone hotspots that has to deal with other tasks at the same time. With Category 4 support, WAH7601 gives you instant and stable Internet connectivity with data rates of up to 150 Mbps*; and its compact plug-and-play design allows you to enjoy being online with your friends anytime, anywhere.
High plug-and-play mobility
The battery-powered Zyxel WAH7601 gives you WiFi connectivity on the go. No matter what outdoor activity you choose to enjoy, the compact, plug-and-play Zyxel WAH7601 requires only a mini SIM card to establish instant, stable Internet connections. WiFi sharing with the WAH7601 not only frees up your smartphone for other activities, but also provides better performance as it focuses on data forwarding. Better yet, this also saves power for your phone and enables it to handle other works at the same time.
Extended coverage over the world
Though LTE services are spreading quickly, there are still many countries lagging behind with only 3G and 2G available and different countries could adopt different LTE frequencies. The Zyxel WAH7601 supports 4G/3G/2G multimode and multi-band features that include the TDD band 38 and 40 to fulfil the need of most operators.
in average hrs.8** Built-in battery lasts up to 8 hrs. in average. (Depends on network environment.)
Happy WiFi sharing
The main purpose of the portable router is to share Internet connectivity with friends and family. Supporting 802.11n WiFi technology, the Zyxel WAH7601 allows up to 10 simultaneous WiFi clients to enjoy instant and stable Internet. It will not only set your smartphone free, but also will provide a better shared WiFi experience.
Stay connected longer and safer
The battery-run WAH7601 is able to provide a longer service time than smartphone hotspots as well as more stable signals since no other application would interrupt WiFi sharing, and the removable battery allows it to extend service time with fresh ones. Rather than the usual lithium-ion batteries, the thoughtful design employs lithium polymer batteries that withstand higher temperatures for better safety.


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