Zyxel WSQ50, MULTY X AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi Expansion Kit (Single)

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Zyxel WSQ50, MULTY X AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi Expansion Kit (Single)

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AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System
More complete coverage—to all size homes
Suffering from poor wireless connectivity at home with your old router? Multy
eliminates the frustration by providing a powerful wireless network with wider
coverage and stronger signal strength. Whether your home is large or small,
Multy provides more wireless coverage—for better connections.
Modern design. Maximum cooling.
Multy’s all-white design reflects simplicity and purity—the perfect
complement to any home décor. Multy’s advanced design featuring
integrated ventilation lets heat escape continuously—enabling optimal
performance without throttling.
Extend your WiFi coverage further with DaisyChaining
Get true corner-to-corner wireless coverage with our
new daisy-chaining capability on our Multy system.
Daisy-chaining allowing Multy nodes to connect to other
Multy nodes to increase the Multy system’s range. This
enhancement is excellent for users’ homes that have long
stretch of spaces that requires WiFi coverage.
Automatically connects to the fastest path
No matter where you are in the home, the Zyxel Multy X
connects to the closest Multy X unit for faster wireless
connection while gaining stronger signal connection for
better reliability.
Experience a new hassle-free installation
Multy X app provides visual setup guide and ensuring that
you get connected without the complication of knowing
technical network information and opening a browser.
Enhanced parental controls to fine tune your kids
online experience. Additional speed test options enabling
you to check your Internet performance.
Keeping the Internet safe for children
Set Internet limitation for your child with our user-friendly
app which includes parental control features. Ensure
that your child are following their productivity and sleep
schedule without constantly monitoring them. Support
intervals in schedule settings and timer based with device
blocking. Fine tune the amount of time that you wish your
children’s device connection.
Get the full Internet speed you deserve
Powered with a Tri-Band wireless system, Multy can deliver maximum wireless speed through its dedicated 5 GHz
backhaul between Multy nodes. This creates a single, powerful wireless network that not only delivers better coverage,
but also fast wireless connection.
Unified WiFi name and password
Multy creates a single wireless network name and password,
allowing you to roam, work and play freely throughout your
home. Leaving one room? No problem. No need to input the
name and password for another extender—Multy lets you
roam, and stay connected with ease.
Support Amazon Alexa Voice Control
The Zyxel Multy X is an Amazon Alexa-enabled device.
Alexa enables you to interact with Multy X using voice. Let
user connect to Alexa to manage home network easier.
Make your voice-control experience better.


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