Zyxel WSQ60-EU0101F, Multy Plus AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (Single)

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Zyxel WSQ60-EU0101F, MULTY PLUS AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (Single)

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The best fit WiFi system for your business
Retails? Restaurants? Offices? The Zyxel Multy Plus is designed as a businessfriendly mesh network solution, so that owner can setup their network easily. It
creates a fast, reliable and flexible wireless network for your business wireless
network for your business. Whether your business environment is large or
small, the Multy Plus keeps you always connected.
Fully flexibility, so much easier!
Equipped with web-based advanced settings and stress-free app
management, the Zyxel Multy Plus gives you peace of mind to simple deploy.
The Mutly Plus’ concise and clever space-saving installation provides a simple
setup with 5-in-1 placement options.
Extend your WiFi coverage further with Daisy-chaining
Daisy-chaining enables the Zyxel Multy Plus to create a continuous wireless connection to reach the entire workplace. No
matter where you are in the workplace, you can deploy multiple Multy Plus nodes throughout your environment providing
even greater wireless coverage.
Powerful Tri-Band design delivers the ultimate
WiFi experience
Experience no degradation in speed and reliability with its
dedicated wireless backbone for creating a large wireless
network coverage in your business environment.
Mesh technology is the best solution to the WiFi
A mesh-based WiFi network helps organize an evenly
spread signal. It can automatically connect your devices to
the fastest path for stronger signal strength without effort.
Advanced WiFi settings to customize your
The web-based interface enables the Zyxel Multy Plus
users to manage their network on a computer and access
advanced features.
Easy installation and management with
user-friendly Multy app
The Multy app makes it easy to get your business network
well underway, make sure your network is healthy all
through your smartphone.
Visitor WiFi hotspot with fully customizable captive portal
Provide your visitors with fast and reliable WiFi network without interfering your own business network. Enable a web
captive portal to provide your terms and condition for your visitors’ WiFi connection.
Keeping the Internet safe for connected devices
Set Internet limitation for your connected devices with
our user-friendly Multy app. Support intervals in schedule
settings and timer based with device blocking, fine tune the
amount of time for every connected device.
Visitor WiFi network ensures business privacy
Create up to three WiFi networks with secured traffic
separation through our web browser management tool
without exposing your data privacy. Keep your network
secure by offering a complete segregated visitor WiFi.
Remote access your Multy Plus system from your
mobile phone anywhere
Keep your business network up and running, even if you’re
not on-site. Maintain multiple Multy Plus systems in different
remote locations through your phone wherever/wherever
you are.
Roam seamlessly on WiFi throughout your
business area
Create one unified WiFi network for all your business
devices, the Zyxel Multy Plus automatically connects to the
stronger signal that provide the fastest speeds as you move
through the Multy Plus node without the need to reconnect.


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