Zyxel XS3800-28 L2+ Managed Switch

Artikelnummer: ZY XS3800-28-ZZ0101F

  • L2+ Managed Switch
  • 4x 10-Gigabit-Ports RJ45
  • 8x Multi-Gigabit combo (100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G) RJ45/SFP+
  • 16x 10-Gigabit SFP+
  • Inkl. redundantem Netzteil

Kategorie: Enterprise

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28-port 10GbE L2+ Managed Switch
Designed for SME with 10GBASE-T connectivity and advanced L2+/L3 lite
features, the Zyxel 10-Gigabit L2+ managed switchxS3800-28 enables
applications for aggregation or SME core switching and connection; and
thexS3800-28 also comes with up to 12 Multi-Gigabit ports to help your
preparation for network expansions with Multi-Gigabit capable devices such
as servers, workstations and NAS. It is also the fi rst 10-Gigabit cloud switch
that can step up the cloud network bandwidth.
Benefi ts
NebulaFlex Pro – simply manage it your way!
The NebulaFlex Pro provides extended flexibility, especially for those who
hesitate to step up for cloud networking. You can easily switch network
management modes between standalone, and our intuitive Nebula cloud
platform. The NebulaFlex Pro even allows you to change your mind any
time without additional cost while protecting previous investments on
wired technology. You can have the privilege to use advanced features with
professional pack for one year upon registration on Nebula; these features
include advanced IGMP technology, comprehensive IPTV reports that provide
insights to channel usage information, network analytics alert to optimize
network performance along with more upcoming new features on NCC and
its App.
Flexible port combination for all your needs
10GBASE-T and 10-Gigabit SFP+ are essential to a Layer-2
aggregation switch. ThexS3800-28 offers a wide range of
combo ports options to give you the greatest fl exibility for
any type of networks. With 16x 10G SFP+, 8 combo ports
(Multi-Gigabit RJ-45/SFP+) and 4 Multi-Gigabit RJ-45
ports, thexS3800-28 offers a maximum of 24 10G fi ber
ports or 12 10G copper ports that are well prepared for
diversity of network requirement.
Future-proof deployments with Multi-Gigabit
If you are currently connecting a 2.5G/5G device to a
traditional 10-Gigabit switch without Multi-Gigabit
capability, the connection automatically downgrades to
1 Gbps since the switch only supports 1G/10G capability.
Instead, thexS3800-28 offers up to 12 Multi-Gigabit RJ-45
ports that support 10G, 5G, 2.5G and 1G speeds that allow
the connection to operate at the maximum speed as fast
as the connected devices allow.
The most commonly used CAT5e Ethernet cables support
both 2.5G/5 Gbps Multi-Gigabit operations without the
need to purchase expensive CAT6 cables. For the existing
networks that need to be upgraded to the Multi-Gigabit
specifi cation, thexS3800-28 is the perfect solution without
replacing the current cabling infrastructure.
Layer-3 switching capacity
Designed with supports to the 4K L3 forwarding table
and 1K static L3 routes, thexS3800-28 is suitable for
aggregation and virtualization for SMB or campus
networks that require low latency and high-density 10G
backbone architectures with basic routing capability. Also,
it allows creating a physical stack through the last four
10-Gigabit combo ports. Four units can be confi gured as
a stack to provide high bandwidth onxS3800-28 for more
fl exible management. The stacking topology under the ring
architecture provides high redundancy in case one of the
stacking links fail. The system can quickly recover through
another stacking connection.
Resiliency and availability
ThexS3800-28 comes with two PSUs supporting
active-standby power redundancy that triggers backup
power supply if the main unit fails. The one-touch
“Restore” button on the front panel saves the last workable
confi guration as the custom default, which allows you
to fall back anytime with a press in case of network
misconfi guration.

Port Anzahl: 28-Ports
Managed/Unmanaged: Managed
PoE: Nein
Uplink: Ja
Dual Rate: Nein


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